Makeover Monday – Week 19

This week’s Makeover Monday looked at the World Happiness Report:

What I like:

  • It’s pretty easy to see the relative happiness between countries, thanks to the bar length
  • Stacked bars show that the different categories are contributing to the whole

What could be improved:

  • In the report, there are three pages of this in order to show all 150 countries
  • Hard to find a particular country in the list.
  • Hard to compare categories between countries, like generosity or perceptions of corruption.

As I started to think about how to view this data, I thought it would be interesting to see where each country stood in each of the categories, as well as the overall life evaluation score. I remembered a viz from Lindsey Poulter when she built a bunch of Set Actions examples that looked at comparable cities with a similar sales level. So I decided to use that kind of a layout, and even realized I could update it with a Set Control that allows the user to select a country from the dropdown rather than scrolling through the list (one of the things I said could be improved above).

Here’s what I built:

Click to view in Tableau Public


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