Thankful Thursday – Jeffrey Shaffer

In previous #ThankfulThursday posts, I’ve mentioned how Andy Kriebel‘s blog was first on my favorites, and Cole Knaflic‘s was second. Well, a very close third on that favorites list is Data + Science, Jeffrey Shaffer‘s blog.

Within the first few months of my Tableau experience, when I was googling how to do everything, I came across Jeff’s Tableau Reference Guide. As of today, this reference guide contains 737 curated links (737!!!!) to content created by Jeff and many, many others ranging from basic chart how-to to Level of Detail and heavy duty calculations (and much more).

Jeff also worked with Steve Wexler and Andy Cotgreave to author The Big Book of Dashboards. As I’ve noted previously, I love having this book as a reference to identify what works in dashboards and why, and be able to implement those principles in a work setting.

Some of my favorite Tableau Conference sessions over the past few years have been Jeff and Andy Kriebel‘s speed tipping sessions. (TC16, TC17, TC18) Jeff continued the tips tradition (with a twist) at TC19 with Luke Stanke, as they did Two-Minute Tableau Tips and Tricks with longer form tips. All of these sessions have been so valuable in identifying faster/better/more efficient ways to do things in Tableau.

So thanks, Jeff, for all you’ve done (and continue to do) for the Tableau Community.

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