Makeover Monday – Week 23

This week’s Makeover Monday looked at consumption of animal-free products consumption in Great Britain:

What I like:

  • You can see clearly over half of meat-eaters don’t eat animal-free substitutes
  • Stacked bars build on the timing group (daily fits in weekly, etc)

What could be improved:

  • Why does a share of population axis need to go to 125%?
  • Lots of colors make it kind of difficult to keep track of the categories

I wanted to do something that created more focus on the consumption of alternative products. I played around with a few combinations, but settled on looking at weekly consumption (which included the daily group) by those who are self-declared not meat eaters. I put the color focus on that, and left the rest in grays.

Here’s what I built:

Click to view in Tableau Public

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