Makeover Monday – Week 14

This week’s Makeover Monday looked at allocation of time-use in cooperation with Operation Fistula:

What I like:

  • Easy to see how much of total work is composed of unpaid work

What could be improved:

  • Hard to see how countries compare to each other
  • Hard to see how women and men compare to each other

What I built:

I wanted to put something together that would allow for easy viewing of all the countries without scrolling up or down. I also wanted to see how different men and women were in both their paid and unpaid work. As I experimented with some different combinations, I settled upon this one with paid work on the left, unpaid on the right, and a slope chart showing the gender breakdown. I found it very interesting to see the different patterns in each country and similarities among regional areas. Benin jumped out, as women work more paid and unpaid hours than men!

Click to view on Tableau Public

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