Makeover Monday – Week 5

This week’s #MakeoverMonday challenge put a twist on this viz about Brits’ preference for the character James Bond:

The twist was that the data was broken down by whether they voted to leave or remain in the EU during Brexit voting, rather than the population dichotomy above.

What works:

  • I actually think the stacked bars work fairly well in this case, since Acceptable and Unacceptable both start with a common baseline on each end of the bar. You can see the difference between the two groups fairly easily.
  • Sections are clearly labeled so you know what’s being measured

What could be better:

  • The population labels (which are fairly wordy) get kind of repetitive
  • By the time I get to the bottom, I’ve forgotten which side is Acceptable/Unacceptable

For my viz, I played around for about 30 minutes with different column/row combinations with the category, response, measures, etc. For a while I was starting to think the stacked bars were the best option (and a case could probably be made that they work just fine in this case). Eventually, I decided to just focus on the Acceptable responses, since the don’t knows were similar for both sides and fairly small, so Unacceptable was just a mirror image. Doing so allowed me to reduce the noise and really hone in on a comparison between REMAIN and LEAVE groups for each of the four questions. Here’s what I finished with:

Here’s the link on Tableau Public

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