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JUST! in time for Christmas, the DataFam podcast is now available !

The podcast is available as an RSS feed or on Apple podcast (coming soon!!)

The first 333 episodes are pretty obvious, it’s every recorded session from TC19 in chronological order.  This is in support of Nicole Lohr‘s Data19Challenge

This is an audio-only feed.  The basic theory is that you can get through more content when it’s just audio (you don’t have to watch the screen and sometimes you can play at a faster speed.  For me, 1.2x is usually idea) BUT if you ever need to view something mentioned in the episode there’s a link back to the video recording of the same session.

Apple/iPhone users : If you want to subscribe before the podcast is available in iTunes, simply go to Library, Add a Podcast by URL and use

All feedback welcome 🙂

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