The Datafam Network

Welcome to !!

This site has been created for the #datafam community (especially on Twitter) to start their own blog and document their data visualisation learnings, challenges, etc..

The aim is to take the ‘technology headache’ away from starting a blog.

There’s 2 options:

  • $10 per year – WordPress blog site fully configured and ready to go. Access the site by using
  • $30 per year – As above but your own domain like


Australian customers will be charged in AUD+GST, all other customers will be charged in USD

There’s nothing to worry about – no additional charges for hosting, bandwidth, etc.

There will be tips & tricks to help you and provide support if you require.

Basically, everything you need to get a website/blogsite operational will be done for you. You just have to supply the content (images, posts,etc)