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The first day with your new blog site

Although every blog site is different, there is some basic WordPress terminology that you need to know to begin with:

  • Admin screen

    When you login to the Admin area you see this screen. Form here you can create and control the look and feel of your website
  • Posts – typical “blog posts” are created here. You create your post and can add categories, tags, change the visibility or scheduling of the post
  • Media – any media (images, video, etc) that you host on the site so you can use in your pages and posts
  • Pages – static content like an “About Me” or similar
  • Plugins – add functionality to the site. There are thousands of plugins! They can help in many different ways, but make sure you only install plugins that you’re using and remove plugins that you’re not using.
  • Themes – probably the most important part (that’s why it’s last on the list 😉 ). Themes affect the ‘skin’ of the site – basically how it looks. Themes are available for free or paid. Find one that suits and they are quite easy to change. Again, delete the ones that you are not using.

Post content – this is what you have to create. Text with images, video, links, etc..

Plugins – I would recommend starting with:

  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) – to track your site visitors and be able to see what content is popular
  • GTranslate – so your site can be read in multiple languages, with Google doing the translation in the background
  • Loginizer – designed to stop bruteforce attacks … and always use a complex password
  • WPForms Lite – to create forms (allows site visitors to enter data and it gets emailed to you)


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