Too many subtotals!

Too many subtotals!

I picked this tip up from a three-second part of Luke Stanke’s build video from his (now legendary?) 10/10 Workout Wednesday 2020 Week 18 Challenge. It was very quick and easy to miss.

If you create a table, you have the option under “Analysis” to add ALL Subtotals:

The result it subtotals at all levels of your table. Makes sense.

But what if you don’t want ALL subtotals, just at certain levels?

In this example, if I just want to show the subtotals at Segment level, not at Category level, just hit the drop-down for the Segment pill and you’ll see that a new option “Subtotal” has appeared. This allows you to control whether subtotals on the level below should be shown or not.

By clicking this off, you get the desired result without category subtotals below:

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